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Meet D-Up

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Meet D-Up,

The Ultimate Defender

Elite Defense Improves Your Offense

Technology is revolutionizing the way players train. D-Up is there to contest every shot or drive to the basket. Optimize your reps as a team or in a solo workout with the basketball training robot that simulates game-like scenarios.

Prevent Fatigue,

Improve Productivity

Your New Gym Buddy

Coaches often experience fatigue when training; the D-Up robot helps prevent this by automating repetition and providing endless game-like defense. With up to three hours of runtime, D-Up is designed for athletes that want to push their boundaries and maximize their potential.

Safe Technology

AI Driven

The D-Up robot uses our proprietary tracking and anti-collision system to detect and avoid players.

Customize Your Workout

Player Analytics

Set the speed, direction, and number of reps for your workout within the
D-Up app. Customizing your workout to meet your specific needs has
never been easier.

What People Are Saying

“When COVID-19 hit, I got a little rusty. I wish I had one of these [D-Up] through the pandemic. Now, this is my best friend, I can always get some shots up.”

Antoine Deon Williams


“It’s amazing how well this robot [D-Up] works in training young basketball players. I’m really impressed at the use this robot is being put to.”

Anton Beck

Adjunct Prof., Engineering, UST

“JockLab built a basketball training robot [D-Up] that is faster than I thought it would be – that’s crazy! When it’s coming up to you and you’ve got the ball, it feels like a real game.”

Ish Powell


“Thank you, JockLab, for letting me get some court time with D-Up. It’s definitely going to be a game changer in basketball.”

Lily Niebuhr


“It was fun to see the kids make good moves and finish at the rim. It [D-Up] can be used in all sorts of camps, clinics, and basketball practices.”

Travis Bledsoe

Director, Nike Basketball Camps

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