JockLab is a Minnesota-based company reshaping sports technology, with a focus on basketball development. We offer programs for players to sharpen their fundamentals and learn new skills. By leveraging player analytics and our patented device (D-Up), we provide a training experience that surpasses expectations.

What You Get


Player Development

Our programs provide basketball training for all ages and skill levels. We maintain an atmosphere that is safe, focused, productive, and fun to ensure an overall improvement in the shooting, ball handling, footwork, and confidence of our players.



Every player is supported by our growing community of coaches, parents, and teams. We provide workout video highlights, accurate player bios, and skill write-ups for athletes to our sizable social media audience. Our exposure helps athletes get scouted and recruited by AAU teams, high schools, and colleges around the country.


Elite Coaching

The JockLab team is made up of youth development professionals that have a passion for teaching. We focus on building the individual skill level of our athletes, as well as improving their team IQ. Our coaches take pride in offering the most impactful training programs, camps, and clinics for player advancement.


AI-Driven Technology

We use a combination of traditional training equipment and state-of-the-art technology (D-Up) to pinpoint and improve player weak points through guided drills and automated repetition.